Your Employer is not your Therapist

As the heading says your (prospective) employer is not your therapist (or your adult day care guardian, looking at you BigTech. Ed.). You are being (potentially) employed to perform a function, task or activity et al., not be taken care of.

While the boss may happily engage with you as an individual, even eventually being a ‘friend’ (urrgh), the company itself cares only so far as its obligation to provide salary, health and other benefits in return for labour. Beyond that you matter only so far as you do what you were hired to do, what you, newly minted certificate in hand, said you could.

But we’re not even at that point yet, we’re just looking at job postings on social media, and failing that basic comprehension task, understanding a job posting retweeted on social media being just that, a repost, is pretty important, a detriment that could cost potential employers a lot of money – it is utterly irrelevant that the person failing this simple task might be “the best artist they never hired” because the person they do hire is obviously the best person they did hire.

It takes a certain type of solipsistic character to blame others for their mistakes, leveraging social shaming and the stigma of ‘mental health’ to cover for their lack of attentiveness – if this is a concern, and it’s known, many develop self-reliance strategies to compensate, to great success, rather than using such deficiencies as tools of coercion, to manipulate others to get their own way.

Want to be more employable? Own up to such errors in judgement rather than becoming a pariah on social media posting ‘call out’ responses. Social media isn’t real life, but real life is watching.

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