All Experience Levels Considered

In the cut-throat hire-n-fire business of games development; where other peoples money is on the line, not just studios and their employees; where job security and longevity cannot be implied never mind guaranteed, why do studios persist in posting ‘hiring calls’ declaring “all experience levels will be considered“, or words to those affect?

In wanting to encourage ‘new’ blood into the industry should studios be encouraging inexperienced novices to apply and consume valuable time being filtered out as unqualified? Do studios have so much time and money on their hands?

On the flip side what does it say about such studios also then expecting highly experienced specialists apply to outfits essentially signalling they have the time and resources to waste on filtering out unqualified individuals instead of production?

And people still wonder why the games industry isn’t one that offers particularly great job security, suffers from high rates of burn-out and turn-over… lets unionise!

If only it weren’t for those dreaded gate-keepers!

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