Blender vs [app]

This is still a surprising common search metric on the Internet; Blender vs other 3D applications. These days looking for comparative information, say Godzilla vz King Kong… erm… 3DS Max vs Blender, 3DS Max vs Maya vs Blender, Blender vs Cinema 4D etc. is somewhat redundant because the question presumes it’s possible to compare features when, for most 3D work, each application works just as well as any other, notwithstanding varying degrees of usability – what’s one artists Golden Mean UI is another’s nightmarish ghoulishness.

With that said, where Blender does truly differ from other 3D applications like 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D etc. is in it feature set, the inverse being true of the Max, Maya etc., each has a different bias that may suit a particular task or situation, or an employer may require an app over others, and so on.

When searching whether one 3D application is “better” than another, one should really be looking at feature sets; what features does Blender have that Max doesn’t, Maya have that Cinema 4D doesn’t and so on, then look at how the software in question is being used, by individual artists, by the industry etc.

It’s surprising how many different ways there are of asking the same “vs” question, apparently “3DS Max vs Blender” is not the same as “Blender vs 3DS Max“!

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