Blender vs [app]

This is still a surprising common search metric on the Internet; Blender vs other 3D applications. These days looking for comparative information, say Godzilla vz King Kong… erm… 3DS Max vs Blender, 3DS Max vs Maya vs Blender, Blender vs Cinema 4D etc. is somewhat redundant because the question presumes it’s possible to compare features… Continue reading Blender vs [app]

Industry Adoption and Promise of False Hope

Since the release of Blender 2.80, more so with the Long Term Support (LTS) versions of the application, there’s been an uptick in reports the various creative industries are adopting Blender into their production pipelines. While generally lauded as a good thing (it is) for Blenders branding and presence, it being seen as a competent… Continue reading Industry Adoption and Promise of False Hope